We are scientists, artists, therapists. We work to advance medicine through communication, community, creativity.

CAN we study pain by shedding on it the light of play?

Join us to share stories. We tell them by visual arts, theater, cinema, poetry, game, and movement.

Can we design playful and innovative information and communication technologies that will help us study pain qualitatively, through building 'virtual' communities for digital creativity? One in every five of us is suffering chronic pain. Pain researchers admit that pharmacological sciences are limited: 'Pain is a psychobiologically complex phenomenon.'; 'Experiences of pain are vastly different depending on individual and social circumstances.'; 'There are no methods to quantify the quality of experiences.', etc. We come together to sketch a few ideas about how to use art as an instrument for communicating and documenting the diversity of personal experiences of pain and resilience.

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Activities will start on time. There is a 10-15 min break between each activity. Please feel free to drop in even for a little. If you like to participate in future activities, please email media.health@concordia.ca


OCTOBER   1   2019


OCTOBER   2   2019 (Morning)


OCTOBER   2   2019 (Afternoon)

At all times during this event, you may Play VR and Other Games in our Media Spa Zone.

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